The Ultimate Relationship with Dogs


The little dog life


We do have little dogs in the pack too and none other then frank fugly and kamikaze whirlwind to spice up a road trip at work today. Granted they did very little other than sleep, it was the thought  that counts.  Next time they can drink more of my coffee I guess!!!


And I have no idea how this  became comfy but he stuck with it for 30 minutes.  What a goof.

We finished the day with some office work and a fantastic lesson with one of my favorite GSD’s. 


And thats a wrap!

The rat

Shaping is an amazing tool in any dog trainers tool box.  But what exactly are you doing when you shape? The  possibilities are endless and only limited by your knowledge. Take a few classes and learn how to shape from those with experience not only shaping but teaching humans how to teach dogs using shaping.  Remember the rat is not stupid, but the student who failed to train him is.


Fuzzy at your feet


The best part of bed time is the fuzzy at your feet- Tonight we have Annastasia to thank!

The best of the beasts

Included below are just some quick pics of what we have been up to. As always the dogs are hard at work and so am I, with little time to spend sitting at a computer i try to keep this updated as often as i can!!  Please visit us on facebook as you will get to catch all our action on the go there   Elite Instinct K9 Training!!!!edited stuff (1 of 2) edited soren track (2 of 2) edited soren track (1 of 2)-2 edited soren track (1 of 2) raina swim (1 of 1) raina face (1 of 1) me helper (8 of 8) me helper (7 of 8) me helper (6 of 8) me helper (5 of 8) me helper (4 of 8) me helper (3 of 8) me helper (2 of 8) me helper (1 of 8) kevin raina (1 of 1) edited stuff (2 of 2)

Fit to work- workshop for humans and canines

The Family Foundation School and the Dog Corps. hosted a seminar June 29th and 30thwith Eagle Valley Search dogs thanks to a grant from the American Kennel Club CAR foundation written by Jennifer Culver. The seminar brought up Dr. Cindy Otto DVM, PhD. from the Penn Vet Working Dog Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, and Dr. Ann Caulfield VMD, CCRP, CVA a rehabilitation specialist.

The two day seminar was a combination of classroom training on body and muscle conditioning and nutrition of our canine partners, massage, warm up and cool down exercises, and much more. We were then able to take what we learned to the gym and practice with our pups! The team was able to show us numerous exercises we can work on with our dogs (working and non-working alike) to help with proprioception, strength, and core balance.

We had a total of 13 handlers, 25 dogs, and 5 students participate.

The canine copilot pack was there in force, including all the working dogs and even little Kaze.

otto seminar (41 of 43) otto seminar (43 of 43) otto seminar (40 of 43) otto seminar (38 of 43) otto seminar (37 of 43) otto seminar (36 of 43) otto seminar (31 of 43) otto seminar (30 of 43) otto seminar (28 of 43) otto seminar (26 of 43) otto seminar (23 of 43) otto seminar (21 of 43) otto seminar (19 of 43) otto seminar (9 of 43) otto seminar (8 of 43) otto seminar (7 of 43) otto seminar (4 of 43) otto seminar (2 of 43)

Check out IMDB!

Ready to film aaaand action!

Ready to film aaaand action!

Well the filming has finished, and Raina had a ton of fun. It was a closed set so we don’t really have any pictures but that keeps the suspense for when the movie is finally released!! You can keep an eye on IMDB for updates and take note of the cast……Miss Raina is listed as playing “Shadow”.   Congrats girl i’m so proud of you!!! She is a perfect example of the breed that can do anything!!!

Below is the link to the site including Raina’s bio.

Raina IMDB Site 


A little obedience fun

Poor Soren has not been getting the prep he needs for his BH and obedience work lately. Our focus has been on tracking and the movie but yesterday we had his 3rd dumbbell session and brushed him up on some heeling, and position changes including turning left which is the hardest! He is learning where is ass end is and getting the hang of exactly where to be by my knee. All in all no complaints, especially with his retrieve already solid!

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AKC- How grants help K9 Search and Rescue

The AKC has a wonderful program called the Companion Animal Recovery service which offers grants to SAR groups every year. Eagle Valley SAR Dogs has been elected the last 2 years after I wrote grants to bring in different trainers to assist us in serving our community better. After each grant i made a video to demonstrate what it was we where able to achieve and both videos are on the AKC website. Please visit and see this wonderful program!

AKC Grants